UK Cultural Master class

Hoy viernes 16 de noviembre los alumnos de 1º BTO han podido disfrutar de una “UK Cultural Master class”. La editorial Burlington nos ha cedido a un profesor nativo para que la impartiera.

Today we had a master class with an English man called Mark.We learnt interesting facts about the British culture.He amusingly explained things like why British people drive on the left, how the Union Jack was created, the meaning of the Scottish kilts patterns…

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He said that English people always try to make their names as short as possible; another thing that we learnt is that “Big Ben” is only the biggest bell of the clock and not the tower, whose name is “Elizabeth Tower”.

In order to make contents easier to learn, he used a digital presentation with some interactive tests, he has been a close person with us, making us have an active participation in the lesson and when we answered the questions correctly he gave us a marker or a notebook. Finally, we think it has been an useful class because we have learnt new vocabulary and, as he was a native teacher, we hThis review was written by Juan Rodrigo and Marcos Serranoave listened to a perfect pronunciation of English. We should do this type of lessons more often. (Students of 1ºBTO A at Mª Rosa Molas school.)


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